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    Form's sister company, Butterworth Horticulture, is a multi-award winning soft-landscaping company that offer a comprehensive solution for all planting requirements.

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  • Butterworth Horticulture offer a comprehensive solution for all planting needs, with services including fastidious installation and expert garden aftercare.

    A full planting service is managed by a team of expert horticulturists and soft-landscapers. Butterworth Horticulture offers a unique guarantee, giving you peace of mind that the planting will establish and thrive for years to come.

    The team has a wealth of planting experience, from challenging central London locations to large rural estates, there is no tree too large – every specimen is installed with care and to the highest horticultural standards. With experience planting in awkward central London locations, to large rural estates, there is no tree too big or too awkward – every plant is installed with care and to the highest horticultural standards.

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  • Quality plants deserve quality planting.

    Trust the planting of your new trees and plants in the hands of experts. Working on projects of all sizes, from large estates to central London terraces with difficult access, the soft-landscaping team have a wealth of knowledge.

    Dedicated staff have years of experience planting large specimen trees to the highest horticultural standards. From unloading safely in the tightest of spaces, to craning mature trees onto inner city rooftops, our experts are here to help.

    The experts at Butterworth Horticulture will take care of anchoring, irrigation installation and designing a bespoke aftercare package for all plants delivered. This enables us to provide a full and comprehensive guarantee on all plants supplied by Form, and installed and maintained by Butterworth Horticulture.

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  • Bespoke aftercare services are carried out by dedicated teams of trained, expert horticulturists.

    Forward thinking and long-term maintenance schedules are fundamental to the longevity of a garden and its design. Butterworth Horticulture create bespoke aftercare packages catered to your gardens specific needs.

    Your project will grow, adapt and evolve long after it is planted. Therefore a bespoke aftercare plan is fundamental to the longevity of a garden and its design. The team of professional horticulturists will nurture your plants to the highest standards, helping them to thrive for years to come and letting your space flourish to its full potential.

    Butterworth Horticulture’s aftercare experts sustain and nurture plants to the highest of horticultural standards, allowing a garden to thrive to its full potential for years to come, giving you the most from your outdoor space.

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  • Complete garden solutions.

    The services at Butterworth Horticulture are not limited to soft-landscaping and aftercare.

    For instance, if your space begins to feel lack-lustre, supplementary planting can be arranged to bring extra seasonal colour. Perhaps you have larger plants that require assistance; whether annually or biannually, we have the equipment and expertise to trim and tidy hedges and large shrubs. From clearance and restoration to tree care, our team of qualified arboriculturists are able to advise on and undergo any tree maintenance. We can even ensure that the garden is perfectly prepared ahead of any pre-planned entertaining.

    In short, our team have the expertise and drive to ensure that your garden looks beautiful all year round.

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  • To discuss your project with our team, please get in touch.

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